5 Rules To Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Has your teen recently passed their driving test? If so, it’s a huge moment for them. Getting a driving licence is one of the major stepping stones to becoming an adult – but they have a long way to go. A ton of fast-moving metal and the teenage brain is not a great mix, and there are a lot of risks involved.

As a teenager, your child is in the statistics for most likely to have an accident. So, it’s essential that you lay down some ground rules to ensure they avoid any incidents. Here are five rules you should stipulate to keep your teenage child safe on the road.

No alcohol

Teenagers are far more comfortable with taking risks than fully grown adults. So, when it comes to drinking alcohol, they are more likely to have that extra one or two that takes them over the limit. Try and make a ground rule that if they are driving, they are not allowed any alcohol whatsoever. It only takes one little drink for them to start feeling more confident, and it could end up in tragedy.

Wear seatbelts

Given that your child is statistically likely to have a crash, it’s essential that they understand how to protect themselves. If the worst ever happened, seatbelts will save their lives – it’s a proven fact. So, drum it into them that if you ever catch them going seatbelt free, you will take away their driving permissions. Your teen will get better at driving as they mature and get more experience, but for now, you have to run with the statistics.


There are a couple of major reasons why you should insist on strict times for your child to return home. First of all, driving in the dark is more dangerous than in daylight hours, and your teen may not have enough experience to handle it. Second of all, the later your teen stays out in the car; the more likely they will fall for temptations. It could be having a drink at a party, or it could be testing their car’s speed out on the freeway. Either way, it’s going to end in tears. So, make sure that you get some curfews in place, to ensure they are back home at a reasonable hour.

No cell phones

Make sure that your teen is aware that distractions are the number one cause of road accidents. Using a cell phone in the car, is foolish, irresponsible, and can land your son or daughter in a heap of trouble. There are plenty of public information adverts out there you can watch – some of them are unpleasant viewing. But, they do drive the message home – and they might save your child’s life one day.

Minimal passengers

Finally, make sure your teen understands that the more people that are in the car, the more distractions there will be. When teens get together in groups, they are more likely to make foolhardy decisions. So, a rule of a maximum amount of passengers will go some way to helping your teen avoid accidents.

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