New Years Resolutions

It’s January once again, and do you know what that means? Yes, it’s time for everyone to think up some new year’s resolutions once again. This time, let’s make sure we stick to them past February for once! I’m sure lots of you have already made a note of your resolutions for this year. So, I’ve picked some of the most popular ones and am here to help you with them!

Lose Weight & Stay Healthy

If your new year’s resolution is all about losing weight and staying healthy, I’ve got some advice for you. You might try exercising more, or joining a gym. That can help you get in shape and shed some of the holiday weight you packed on. (Don’t worry, we all gained a few pounds during December!). Or, maybe you’ll try going on a diet or giving up alcohol for the rest of January. But, here at the Davis Law Firm, we know the best and easiest way to stay healthy. What’s really healthy for you is being safe in the car and avoiding any accidents. Getting into an accident and spending a few weeks in a hospital bed is not a healthy look. We know that accidents can’t always be avoided, but you can still do something to reduce your risk of being seriously injured. Wear a seatbelt! It can half the risk, so make sure you wear your seatbelt before you put your car in gear!

Spend Less & Save More

Lots of people’s new year’s resolution often revolve around money. They want to start the year right and focus on saving this year. There are loads of great money saving tips out there that you’ve undoubtedly heard. Stop going out all the time for drinks with your friends, cut down on excessive spending. You know, the usual stuff that every expert will tell you! However, you might find that you get into an accident one time and are faced with mountains of medical bills. If you want to spend less and save more, you need one of our attorneys to help you out after an accident. Make sure you call the 4’s, and we can make your hospital bills a lot more manageable. They will make sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. No more living in financial uncertainty for you!

Be More Organized

Another popular resolution is to be more organized. Life is better when you’re organized, and everything is in order. You may have gone out and got yourself a neat new planner and tidied everything in your house and office. But, a great way to be more organized is not to text and drive. Texting while driving is a sure-fire way to get yourself into an accident. In fact, did you know that you’re 23 times more likely to be in an accident if you’re texting? Be sure to dial the 4’s if you do get into a car accident as we can help you out! To keep your life organized, it’s best you text before or after getting behind the wheel. It’ll keep you safer too, which increases your first resolution of being healthy! A win-win if I’ve ever seen one.


If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic accident, please contact the Davis Law Firm for the help you need!